Here is my guide on how to make a 2.0 Zetec Blacktop fit into your Fiesta Mk3.5 16V. With no cutting and shutting to the engine bay. Dont know about you but thats the last thing i want to be doing!

Why you may want to fit a blacktop engine and to find out a little bit more about these engines is here

My install is a brand new blacktop engine, with no powersteering. If you wanted to fit a power steering pump you would have to retrofit it somehow, as its not the easiest thing to fit in, specially in a tight engine bay to start with.

Sorry if i write things that are obvious, there are people out there that are new to this and thinking about trying to give this a go. I was like that a long time ago and guides like this come in handy to newbies!

This is my parts/spec list:

  • Brand new zetec blacktop 2.0 block
  • Brand new zetec blacktop head
  • 0.6mm Multi Layer Steel Elring headgasket
  • Elring headbolts
  • FAI Rs1800 headset
  • Some spare inlet manifold gaskets
  • Conti timing belt kit
  • Ian Howels manual adjust timing belt pulley
  • Unsure of who its made by but a 4-1 manifold and downpipe
  • 130 Spec inlet manifold and throttle.
  • Custom intake piping with closed KnN induction system.
  • DEEP ecu (from mk1 mondeo (manual) can also use DEEP/DESK)
  • Brand new Hella MAF
  • Retaining my SI 16v thermostat housing/sensors.

The blacktop engine is very similar to the silvertop engine (basically just some internal mods/upgrades) and so as with the silvertop 2.0 conversion on a mk3.5 16V (ie with internal PATS (in ECU)), i can retain all of my standard wiring/sensors, apart from the MAF and ecu obviously. It will all just plug in.

A quick note on sumps for blacktop engines. The blacktop engines have two different lower sump and pickup pipe combinations, one for focus, and one for the mondeo (They ARE NOT mixable, you can use either on either, ie focus pickup and lower sump or mondeo pickup and lower sump. They will not physically fit if you mix them)

Make sure you do nuts and bolts up to the the correct torque rating. ESPECIALLY THE HEAD BOLTS!! Its important and can be the difference between dead or alive engine.

Although this guide is not yet complete, there will be a few sections. I suggest you read though them all (when i finish it!) before you start to take the challenge on, so you know what is involved!

Lastly, this is a guide, follow it at your own risk. If you decide to bodge something, its your own risk.

Lets GO!

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