Part One – Bottom End Mods

Part One - Bottom End Mods

This is my new bottom end. Ive attached it too my stand, via the gearbox end, two bolts in the top bolt holes and nut and bolted on the two middle holes. Note - make sure you use decent bolts! Dont want in to fall off.

Turn the engine so its upside down, and you will be greeted with this:

Undo all 17 of the bolts with a 8mm socket.

Up next to tackle is the sump sealant:

Not sure what it is that ford use, but i would love to know. It sticks like sh*t to a blanket! You need to get the oil pan off the sump, best way i find is a small screwdriver and prise it open. Try not to bend the pan too much though!

Once its off, take off the pickup pipe. One 8mm bolt and two torx screws attaching it too the pump:

Nows a good time to make sure you remove all traces of gasket from the sealing surfaces.

Take out the 10 bolts holding the upper sump to the block with a 10mm socket. Remove it.

The upper sump needs to be modified. One so the starter will fit in. Two so the driveshaft wont foul it. Some comparison pics:

No easy way to do this, but get grinding! You can see how much ive had to take off, however when i did it for the first time i had to do a few mock ups before i got everything to fit nice. You may have to do the same too.

Nothing else to do this end of the engine so it can be put back together. Make sure you clean off any sealant left on the block and make sure its all nice and clean.

Usually it can just be rubbed away with your finger.

When refitting the upper sump, sealant needs to be applied to the corners where the oil pump meets the block and the oil seal carrier meets the block (Ford never seem to have done this but it says to in the Haynes manual):

Fit the new gasket into the upper sump and then onto the block. Tighten it down evenly and you will create a oil tight seal.

Next is to fit the pick-up pipe, apply sealant to the upper sump and fit the lower sump on top and tighten down evenly too create a oil tight seal.

Bottom end mods are comeplete!

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