Powerflex Rear Bushes

Right so im putting a ZS axle on my mk3, thought may as well uprate the bushes so got some powerflex ones. My axle was off the car anyway but its pretty easy to remove it. I would think its possible to do it without removing it from the car but might be a bit more fiddly. Same process for the mk3/4/5.

Why powerflex bushes? More to the point why a Zetec-S Axle?

Its stiffer than the mk3/mk4/mk5 standard item so should offer improved handling, the powerflex bushes offer:
Improved performance
Increase safety
Greater cost-effectiveness
Prolonged tyre life

Tools needed:
-screwdriver for prising things
-powerfull drill with large ish drill bit
-tenon saw? one with removable blade (must be removable, you will see why)

Right, now to remove the old bush, remove the bracket surrounding it. (pretty obvious but there are some people out there). Get your powerfull drill and basically drill out all the rubber bit. so its possible to use your hammer  to smash out the middle bit. First one took me a while but the second one i got down to an art and it was out in no time.

Once done you should have a roundish hole. Get the saw with removable blade. Put blade in the hole and attach it all together and saw. Not for to long but enuff so it splits the outer metal part of the bush. Once thats done you can hammer a screw driver down the side so it starts collapsing on itself. Now hammer out with a hammer. Hopefully this picture will explain a little.

Now you should have a hole like so:

Now get your new hard bush and grease it up; smear it round a bit really… Install… And push in.

No need for a press at all. If needed use a rubber mallet.

Now get the metal sleeve it bit of grease on this too, and shove it in:

Install bracket.

Repeat for other bush.
Now reinstall to car and your done.

The grease, (comes with bushes but im sure its copper grease?) is important as it will stop it squeeking. Don''t forget to use it.

Hope this helps someone in need.

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