Inlet Manifold Issue

Some gaskets arrived today for my inlet manifold and made me aware of a problem that I've not noticed until now:

First picture shows the EGR port:


Which, with the seal in, sits pretty hunky dory:


Next picture shows one of the intake ports and the bit the gasket sits in:


But with the gasket in, its clear that its not deep enough:


So what would your solution be? I though about getting it machined deeper, but I'm worried than on one edge it could easily make the ports wall too thin or go even cut through. Or possibly just carefully cut the seal so its half of its depth. Or just search around and find some seals/o rings that are about right?

Any help appreciated?! Remember this is a cosworth prototype (as far as we are aware) so nothing of the shelf is available.



Just an update to this: Basically I cut the gasket down the middle and it has done the job perfect. Also means I have two spare gaskets. Win win.

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