Refit Manifold & Issues


Got the manifold back today. Pressure tested it and theres a small pinhole leak. Gotta take it back to them to get that sorted. Will upload pics tomo, to tired now!

Also gotta get some threads retapped/helicoiled for iscv as 1 is dead and the other 3 are not great.


Got the manifold back again. just trying to sort the bolt holes for the ISCV, one was buggered!

Also got to get the head sorted. Its had a thread insert put in for one of the manifold bolts, but its started top pull out. A guy at my work can sort it with the engine in sit-u, but my work is 35 miles away! Need car trailer.

Cant wait to get this back together now.


Finally running!!

Now just to work out why its running lean on boost. (as soon as it starts to boost my stack lambda plummets to like 10/11, 2 possibilitys.

1. Fuel pump wiring is poor. need to check voltage to pump.

2. fuel pressure was turned down according to last owner. i imagine this made it run better at the time, but now its actually getting air through the filter and not loosing boost pressure, theres just not enough fuel.

3. Combination of both?

fun fun fun


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