What Happened Over Last 3 Years

Its been a long time since ive even really thought about this car, but it really is time to get moving with it.

Since the last update in 13, its spent all of its time doing nothing. Yep, sitting there not moving. Career has kind of taken over my life & Djing at weekends has practically left me with no time at all, except when Ive been out partying and getting a few beers in!

In the small time that i have fitted in for this car (in a order of events, ish) since last update:

  1. Inlet manifold splitting various times.
  2. Got massively pissed with turbo hitting the brake linkage all the time and vibrating
  3. Taken off the road & sat in my work car park looking out of place.
  4. Engine was taken out due too oil leaks (pinhole in turbo oil return stub (rewelded up). PAS leaks. Coolant leaks.
  5. Decided to rework PAS and coolant lines, didnt get very far.
  6. Decided to buy a replica cosworth inlet, but it was mahoosive. And it was quite poor quality. Sold that bit.
  7. Considered selling it.
  8. Lost the original inlet manifold. (Not a clue how but i just don't know where it is)
  9. Changed my mind deciding i must be stupid, just get on with it.
  10. Got the intercooler outlets rewelded too a different position (for boost pipe routing purposes)
  11. Took out all the pedal box and brake linkage jimmy made, so for more room in engine bay and turbo area, got a floor mounted box (not fitted yet) - but did fabricate the brake likes too this and piped into existing pipework.
  12. Refitted engine.
  13. Had to get the car out of my work car park, this was about end of 2014, so got a council garage near my work and its been sitting in there nice and dry since.

I really want too get this working again. It was fun too drive and its basically a load of dead cash if it aint working.

My plan:

  1. Update all of jimmys posts on here (Done, TICK!!) Link here, Contents to be updated
  2. Update all of my posts from fiesta-si.com on to here (Done, TICK!!) (Note all backdated in order too for anyone that wants too read) Link here, you will have to make your way back to the start
  3. Source inlet manifold (Done, Tick!!)
  4. Get new front panel, crossmember and wings, get done at my bodyshop at work. At this point fabricate mountings for intercooler and rad.
  5. Potentially fit a focus rs mk1 full loom. (its just a bit messy with wiring at present, allthough this will be time consuming to modify)
  6. Loose PAS. I would like simplicity, less pipes, less leaks, less to go wrong. But poss may keep. Will decide.
  7. Fabricate / source a downpipe (the originally made one was blowing) (I have some ideas too modify one that i have seem for another car)
  8. Boost pipes fabricate
  9. Coolant pipes rework.
  10. Fit pedal box
  11. Hopefully should be good to drive by this time.

Over this 'dead' time I have acquired a few bits and bobs. Most happy with a set of genuine new headlamps 🙂 and a front bumper in the right colour.

Things are are looking good.

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