Been a while since any updates so heres a couple:

Added brochure scans - Cars Edition 6 (Fiesta) - 1990
Added guide - Wheel Refurb Guide
Added guide - Custom Zetec Induction Pipe
Added guide - Adding Rear Headrests
A usefull eBay Shop - CGB Motorsports - Zetec Engine Parts
Lots of blacktop parts on here, including New 2.0 blacktop bottom ends for £350

I do have another brochure to upload, The New Fiestas - 1994 which includes LX, SI, Ghia & RS1800 which is a good read and a few more guides to add. Tell me what you want on here, or have you got a guide that would be good for everyone to see? Contact me and il upload it for you.

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