Broke Driveshaft

What an event full 24 hours lol

coming home from work the 1.3 decides to put a conrod through the block, so me broken down on the side of the m25 again.
Thought i best get the tyres and tracking sorted on the turbo so the next morning i set about doing it.

Was waiting at a set of lights, thought i might as well light them up, so launched it... thought the clutch was slipping at first. Then seemed ok.

Pulled up to my tyre man, then went to move the car, wouldnt move. As it was sat in first gear with the clutch up and not going anywhere and i could hear strange grinding noise, i poked my head underneath and found n/s driveshaft turning but cv not moving. Thought excellent this will be a easy fix. Got my tyres done etc, my bro towed me home with his gf's 107, that was a story in itself. Went and got a cv, then found this.

(pic has been lost in the internet)

It seems as if where its been shortened its broken. I can only assume that when they shorten it they press fit the two bits together and the two bits are now turning on each other.

So i'm now carless again :frown: Off too find a 2.0 focus driveshaft too get things going again...

On a good note - replaced drive belt tensioner pulley and 1 of the guide pulleys, runs much quieter and sounds smoother. No rattling :D

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