Driveshaft Back & Updates


Been busy today! Should have my shortened driveshaft back tomorrow so will be back on the road.

Got my driveshaft shortened by cps/drivelink in Gateshead. - Paul Sowerby is who you want - top man.

While its had no driveshaft its gained a new set of front discs as old ones where v. warped, new nsf wheel bearing, new osf inner cv boot, new osf outer joint.

Also had a little clean, wheels inside and out. Rear quarter windows, cleaned off the rusty marks from bolts, just need the new caps 😀


Well they've actually made a new one. I thought they were goi g to use the ends from the shaft I supplied and friction weld them too a bar.

Will be on tonight


Ok it runs, works, driveshaft is gggooooooooooooooooooood.

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