Cosworth Duratec Inlet Manifold

Come across this on eBay, clicked the buy it now button allmost instantly!

Allthough I don't really have too much info on it, apart from it come across to the UK from USA Cosworth as part of a job lot of parts, I think it will suit my needs:

  • Its compact enough that I think i will be able to get away with keeping my front panel.
  • It looks pretty sturdy, its cast. (The manifold originally built for the engine was welded up various times as splitting on welds)
  • Internal trumpets, i believe to be good for the air flow (not that im too sure on the full technical reasons etc!)
  • I think the standard Focus RS Mk1 idle valve will fit straight too it -  which naturally will work perfectly with my Focus RS Mk1 ECU

Here's a few pictures:







As i'm sure you have spotted, there is a massive issue. The 4 great big round holes!

Not really too sure what they are for, maybe an inspection hole? As i've never seen this manifold ever (well apart from one picture on the web) I can only assume that maybe this was a prototype version that got scrapped, then maybe it developed into the version specifically produced for the 2.3 engine. (which is a much bigger lump, which has an inspection plate on the front:



My plan is too get a 4 round blanks created, pressed into the holes and then welded up. There is a possibility that the blanks could be flanged and holes drilled to secure them so they are removable in the future for inspection but to be honest i dont think there is enough around the edge too tap into.

Any how i will update as I move forward with this. If anyone has any info on this manifold please can you let me know! I have emailed Cosworth but not reply yet!


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