ST170 Throttle Body

Whilst searching for throttle bodies on eBay, I come across a Focus ST170 throttle body.

Pics look like it would do the job and it was £10 free postage so snapped it up and its arrived this morning.



Big result, the mounting holes all line up, as does the port that goes too the idle control valve. (Pic doesn't really do that sentence justice!)


On that note, I had a idle control valve from a Mk4/5 fiesta lying around, bolt holes line up, ports are slightly off but should work and im confident that the Focus RS Mk1 ECU uses the same type of signal required too run the valve. (if any one can correct me on this please let me know)


So next thing to sort out on this is how the throttle cable will attach. Plan is too use a Focus Mk1 throttle cable As you can see from my pic below the throttle cable needs to come up from the bottom when mounted. Either il just have to route the cable and fabricate a cable bracket or make up a snazzy linkage and still fabricate a cable bracket.


Im off to make sure the manifold will fit in the engine bay. Scared...!

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