Duratec Turbo, Further Stripping, Rust.

Finally (after being let down 3 times by different people) got the car trailered to my work today to start getting bodywork done.

As im doing all of the stripping and possibly some basic prep, I got too work. As expected found rust under the kit and couple of other little spots. Had a good clean up inside - most likely im going too touch this up myself as necessary.

Its a very straight shell, can't find any dinks ripples across the panels, the sills are OK. The drivers side is starting too go, but easily patched up in the near future.

Bits removed today: Sideskirts/rear aches, windows (managed too crack my heated screen, if you have one, message me), dropped the engine/box out, door handles, locks, spoiler, rear bumper

Definitely needs both rear arches replaced and the drivers side rear inner arch looks like its going to need to be replaced too. Sunroof needs attention too.


Actually looks surprisingly shiney in the above pic!


Sunroof needs attention.


Lower part of windscreen, just starting too come through.


Thats on the corner of the rear panel, that will definitely need attention before it progresses.




And finally the rear arches. Thankfully im glad too say ive seen alot worse! The drivers side is the worst. Thankfully, nothing that the guys in our bodyshop cant handle!

Even managed to get a couple of bolts out for the arches haha, most i had to snap off though. Easily repairable though.

Watch this space.

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