Salvage of some bits from a Mk4 Fiesta

Had a little salvage from a Mk4 Fiesta my GF kindly donated too me!:

Underlay, carpet, bulkhead sound deadening taken (handy as the floorpan is the same!) Part of the floor pan incorporates a section that goes from side too side of the car, the front seats, front securing bolts go into it - I've taken this out (which was an absolute mission) as it is the same as a mk3.5, which means I will be able to fit mk3.5 seat subframes (much better in my opinion!), my mk3.5 carpet will fit better and as the 3.5 subframes incorporate the seat belt buckle, i won't have to have a buckle stalk coming out of the floor/carpet.

Ive taken the fusebox holder which sits in the NSF of the engine bay, around the rear of the strut top, i think i can put this too use as the Focus RS one is just tucked under the scuttle panel. Ive also got the headlining from it and various trims, clips, handles etc. Ive taken all of the wiring out of it, so that I've got plenty of wiring too work with.

A particular bit of wiring I'm going too use is the loom that goes from door too door (for the central locking/windows - i believe it too be wired up the same too). The Mk4 part of this loom is basically a longer item (as it runs all the way around the top of the dash). Hopefully i can route this is a position suitable for my setup as there is already a lot of wiring.

Salvages the seat belts/buckles, mine look like they have been sat in the sun for quite a while, all faded.

Other than the above, just various hoses and bits taken - you can never have enough spare bits when building a project.



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