Just Purchased Fiesta Mk3 2.3 Duratec Turbo

To most people, this car needs no introduction.

Im gonna do it anyways!

These are the pictures from the ebay auction when i purchased it. It appears that after being sold to some guy in wales, it made its way to another chap in isle of white, then to a guy in colchester.

This chap in colchester done a few things:

  • -When he first got it, he had running issues. Popped and banged at anything over 4K.
  • Took to jamsport, they remapped to suit the duratec and upped the boost to 15psi.
  • Jamsport noted it struggled to make any power at full throttle, said most likely due too restrictive boost pipes and intercooler
  • He was sheet metal worker by trade, so fabricated an intercooler and hard boost pipes as in photos below.
  • It ran alot better, but smelled very rich so dropped the fuel pressure and in his words it absolutely flies.

He was a nice fella, genuine. I visited twice, on the second time i paid a deposit and he agreed to deliver the car on his truck. Which he did!






For those of you that don't know about it, its a 2.3 Duratec Turbo. Run down on spec:

American Ford Focus (2005 model-year) 2.3 Duratec-HE 16V all-alloy block. (Same base-engine as Mazda MZR 3 & 6 MPS and bigger brother of UK Fiesta MK6 ST 2.0 engine).
Stripped down and bored to 88mm (standard bore is 87.5mm). Now 2286cc.
Fitted with 8.5:1 compression CP Pistons from the USA.
Eagle Con-Rods fitted
Cosworth head gasket and mains/big-end bearings from Burton Power.
ARP fasteners used for the Head, Mains, Big-Ends, Flywheel fastenings.
Garrett GT28R Ball-bearing turbo (new from Horsham developments - done 3,500 miles cost £700)
Exhaust manifold from Pumaspeed (the same one they sell for MK6 ST Fiestas).
Fidanza Flywheel (replaced standard dual-mass one).
Sytec fully-adjustable fuel-pressure regulator
Sytec "bullet" fuel filter
Goodridge "200-seies" braided hose used for fuel feed/return and Turbo oil-drain.
Walbro 255 LPH Fuel pump.
Bosch 460cc injectors.
Focus RS MK1 ECU and custom engine loom.
Mondeo MK3 2.0 Duratec Starter motor & Alternator.
Mondeo MK3 2.0 Duratec Engine mount.
Escort S2 RS Turbo Bailey oil separator.
Custom 3" intercooler and hard pipes.
Pro-Alloy full-width radiator.
Twin Spal fans.
Custom Alloy inlet plenum
K & N Cone Filter
Modified Fiesta RS Turbo Mongoose full exhaust system.
"Coil-On-plug" ignition with Iridium spark plugs.
Castrol Magnatec 5w30 fully synthetic oil.
Stainless braided turbo oil lines with oil feed filter.

Mondeo MK3 (2005) MTX 75 Gearbox.
Focus RS Quaife ATB Diff.
Spec stage 3+ paddle-clutch.
Mondeo MK3 gear selector cables and gearlever.
MK5 Fiesta ZS Hydraulic Clutch pedal box.
Custom equal-length driveshafts (based on Focus mk1 2.0 items) from Recoprop, Luton.
MK "3.5" Fiesta hubs (allow fitment of Focus CV joints).
Focus MK1 upper transmission mount.
Mondeo MK3 lower "torque-link" transmission mount.
Focus RS MK1 Gearknob.

Suspension / Steering:
Spax adjustable front shocks.
Koni adjustable rear shocks.
Spax -35mm springs all round.
Converted to power steering - has PAS rack from MK "3.5" Fiesta Si.
Fitted with Fiesta MK6 ST PAS Pump.
Volvo PAS reservoir.
Fiesta RS Turbo steering wheel.

Escort Cosworth 280mm front discs & calipers.
Escort MK5 RS2000 Rear discs & calipers.
Escort MK6 RS2000 Master Cylinder & Servo.
Escort MK5 RS2000 Handbrake cable.
Fiesta MK5 ZS Pedal box.

MK5 RS2000 polished alloy 15" wheels.
195-45-15 Toyo Tyres on all wheels. Hardly worn.

1992 Ford Fiesta XR2i 3-door in original Moondust Silver.
FULL Fiesta RS Turbo replica.
Fiesta RS Turbo Bonnet.
Fiesta RS Turbo Green Stripes.
Fiesta RS Turbo Opening rear quarter windows.
Fiesta RS Turbo Upper Boot Spoiler
Fiesta RS Turbo Boot Decal (original Ford item).
Fiesta MK3.5 Door mirrors, colour coded.
Orange indicators (like they should have).
Battery (new) in boot - done properly, fused etc.

Nomad twin A-Pillar gauge pod in matching Raven trim.
STACK wideband lambda gauge & sensor.
STACK capillary water temp gauge.
Alpine head unit, CD.
Alpine door and rear speakers (in original Ford housings - not visible at all).
Full Fiesta RS Turbo Recaro interior - no wear on bolsters or piping.
Fully-functioning Focus RS MK1 Instrument cluster.
Later MK3.5 Darker "Raven" Dash and interior plastics.
Black Carpet & Parcel shelf.

As it's got the full loom and ECU from a MK1 Focus RS, it therefore has the Focus PATS module and two correctly programmed Blue-Chip keys that fit all locks on the car (all locks the same).
Also has a Clifford Concept 650 with two remote key fobs, proximity sensor etc. Remote central locking / boot release.

The guy i bought it from has had it remapped, but they said that the restrictive pipework/intercooler was causing problems, so as he's a metal fabricator he made new pipework up and a new intercooler. (compare the last pic of the intercooler in performance ford mag vs current pics!) It was much better and after he turned the fuel pressure down it absolutly flies! Still needs remapping to finish it off though as can be a bit stuttery at times.

My plans are to get it remapped to get it running spot on, fit my leather recaros into it and get the speedo calibrated, which i think i can do at my work 🙂

Not an everyday use car really so will only be out it summer really! (allthough the guy that built it was! fair play!)

Expect to see some updates...

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