Home On My Driveway & Stuttering Issue Part Resloved

i will come too the epic improvment in a sec.

But first. The wheels looked a bit un shiney so i had a polish. I also used some trim wax on certain parts. And some new wipers.

01 IMG_0237

02 IMG_0238

03 IMG_0239

04 IMG_0240

05 IMG_0241

06 IMG_0242

07 IMG_0245

Def needs new wiper arms as there mank.

Right the epic improvement - as youve probably read, its really stuttery at certain points. Like it boosts, stutters boosts, stutter stutter etc when you full/part throttle. Jam sport said this was most likely down to the fact of not enough air getting through when it was mapped (when it was mapped had small intercooler and pipes) which have now been improved, as you can see, there huge.

My first thought was not enough air? Air filter looks mank. Upon further inspection, it was mostly full with crap, not to mention it didnt fit on the end of the pipe and was cut dodgily. (i will get a pic)

I got my KnN appollo filter, which i had on my 2.0 Si, took the shroud off that encloses it due too the lack of space in the engine bay and put her on. The filter is not ideal as the diameter of it needs to be a bit bigger (i had to use a reducer to get it on)


Took her down the road, liightly throttled, it took off, half throttle, carried on going, full throttle and we was going some.

It did stutter a tiny tiny tiny bit. But it felt like it was twice as quick. Its safe too say i and my friend next too me crapped ourselfs. Ive never been put so far back in a car seat by the shear power of car.

20 minutes later writing this and im still shaking.
Time too find a air filter that fits properly.

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