Breather Set Up Not Right


This is the current set up on the car, i dont think its right.

01 separatorwrong
What i think it is on the escort rst.

02 separatorescort
What i think is right for my setup:

03 separatorright

If what i think is right, is right, it could be the reason why its trying to push oil out of the seal for the dipstick tube and another leak because its not letting pressure out of the crankcase.

After taking the breather pot out and cleaning the inside, as it was full of a mayo type substance, as if headgasket was knackered, i shine a light into the breather to sus out exactly whats what. Heres how i determined it:
04 separatorexplain

Basically, in simple, what should happen (i think this is correct, someone please correct me if not) it breathes oil vapour into the top two pipes, hits the baffles, oil should drain out the angled bottom pipe to sump, and it should vent out of the pipe that comes straight out at bottom. Technically this is the highest point. Not like the 1st picture above that it was set up like.

What i think, and what explains the next few pics... getting a bit of condensation in breather (water/oil not great mix) its breathing into the pot then trying to drain via the front breather. basically choking itself because its going like this in the block to breather pipe:


06 IMG_0259

PCV valve:

07 IMG_0255

Hope what im writing is making sense! The return too sump pipe is bone dry and doesn't look like its ever met oil. But of course it couldn't, unless the pot was completely full up, in which case it would of been choking.

So the "what i think is right for my set up" picture, i pretty sure is right.

Anyways. To get too all this is a pain, powersteering pump had too come off, to take inlet manifold off, to get to breather.

On a good note, no gunk in the breather. Seems blocked at pcv valve, cleaned the valve up ok, seems to be operating ok but gonna get a new pcv valve to go in, no point in taking it all out without replacing it, just in case.

New Bits:

10 IMG_0260

11 IMG_0262

All cleaned up and now back on the car with the breather pipes connected the right way round.

While i was running up to temperature thought id get a recording of how it sounds on idle:


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