Wrong Wishbones

Mini update:

Shes had a oil change, new bosch filter and shell fully synthetic oil. Old oil came out mank!

Im on the hunt for a decent sized air filter (KnN, green, pipercross - if you have one for sale let me know, must be in good condition) The current one i put on it is just not big enough!

Took her for a spin today, even though its not 100%, the power is unreall. Ive never seen a speedo go round so quick!

I did feel extremely on edge though, felt like i was gnna get dragged off the road, especially on acceration, as if the wishbone bushes are shagged. I can't help but notice in jimmy build thread he put new mk3.5 PAS wishbones on it, but im suspecting there not the right items, maybe somewhere sold him the wrong ones

Jimmys pic:


My comparison pic:

02 mk3.5arms

I think they look like the non-pas arms? I had an issue like this before and turn out too be this. I think new wishbones, and put my avos on that way can set the height so it doesnt eat tyres.

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