The Beginning

eBay Hell!

January 2008

Here's where it all began at the start of 2008  One very abused and forlorn 1992 K-reg XR2i 1.6 CVH, but Jimmy had plans!  ......

Pics are of it still at the seller's house, waiting for Jimmy to load it up and take it away. Check out the mirrors, bonnet harnesses and comedy sticker!



Right, now things begin to improve with the addition af an FRST bonnet, pop-outs, rear spoiler and some MK3.5 electric mirrors. (Full FRST recaro interior, Clocks, Steering Wheel, green stripes set & FRST decal saved for the car's return from BodyTone.

Off to BodyTone in Wokingham where untold horrors were found and subsequently rectified

February 2008


It transpired that both doors had previously been bent by thieving scrotes before being re-straightened at some point in this car's chequered past, luckily Jimmy had a MK3.5 Si handy for spares so he supplied the bodyshop with two good doors and subsequently fitted all the "MK3" bits from his old doors onto them when he collected the car. A new front panel & x-member were fitted, all bodykit was removed, any grot removed and repaired - the car is now rust-free and straight

He was also lucky enough to find a full "raven plastic" dash and plastic trim waiting for him in the donor Si so that's all in the Silver beastie now and compliments the Recaros nicely

The Si also kindly donated its heated front screen as mine was cracked, that saved him a few bob 😀

Here we have the (nowhere near!) finished article, Collected from the bodyshop, doors reassembled, windows all fitted, decals all stuck where they should be etc.

March 2008


The bonnet hinges are the old, bent ones so the bonnet isn't sitting quite straight, new hinges will be fitted as soon as possible.

Quote, Jimmy:

'I know the wheels are pants!!-  They're just there for it to roll on for now as I have a set of 15" RS2000 diamond-cut alloys with 195-45-15 tyres ready to go on the car that are currently waiting for refurb at Lepsons so should compliment the car nicely.

For those that know of my previous eploits with "the manj", this car will carry on from where I left off with that one (I still regret selling it! ) Don't worry, it will be sitting a bit lower once the new rims are on it, will also have discs on all corners, coilovers, and (once I return from 6 months in Afghanistan and have a healthy bank account), a nice Black-Top zetec-Turbo, either MTX75 5-speed or Getrag mt285 6-speed, Quaife ATB, Standalone management etc.


For now she will have to be a "sheep in wolf's clothing" until my return from "the Stan" then it'll be worthy of the RS badge that it currently has no right to wear!!



Kinda gives you a warm fuzzy feeling rescuing a poor, neglected Fez that was destined for the scrappy and reincarnating it as it should be don't you think?'

This is clearly an amazing transformation, from poor to prestine, definately the start of one hell of a car.

So far on the project...

Late march 2008

Quite a transformation and over this time its had:

1. Rad & FRST Fan.
2. New EDIS module.
3. New battery.
4. New Exhaust Centre-Section.
5. New alternator belt.
6. Countless bulbs ( to replace a load of blue ones!  )
7. Front N/S wheel bearing.
8. 8 X new Valve Stem Seals.
9. New Rocker Cover Gasket.
10. New front panel & x-member.
11. Full FRST interior (inc clocks & steering wheel.)
12. Full FRST decals.
13. New Number Plates.
14. Orange square side repeaters.
15. New Ford Badges.
16. 2 X new doors (mk 3.5).
17. Full Raven Dash & Plastic trim.
18. New heated front screen.
19. Black Carpet & Parcel shelf.
20. FRST Bonnet.
21. FRST Rear spoiler.
22. New weather seals.
23. Frst Rear pop-out windows.
24. New HT Leads & Plugs.

Allready a shed load of money spent on it, loads more to come....!

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