The Build P14

jimmyesh on Mon Aug 31, 2009 8:03 pm

At long last I've finally got around to finishing my front bumper πŸ™‚ As the car now has the Radtec FMIC fitted - I needed to cut the "numberplate part" of the bumper out using an airsaw, then re-shaped the bottom & side edges of the aperature using fibreglass and plastic filler. The bumper was then rubbed down, primed, painted and lacquered.

It's not perfect and just a DIY effort for now as I couldn't justify the cost of a bodyshop when I've still got the ECU and other bits to pay for! :oooh:

01 FezModifiedBumper
On the subject of ECU's I thought my luck was in on ebay today - I found a Gotech Pro-X ECU & Loom for Β£350 "buy it now" and it had only been listed for about 1 hour - I quickly checked my bank balance with the intention of buying it and when I went back onto Ebay some lucky sod had already bought it!!! 😑 😑 πŸ˜₯

Ah well - looks like I'm still going to pay Jamsport the full whack this week after all then :rolleyes: Still, at least thay're putting me a bespoke base map onto it for my exact engine spec so not all bad.

jimmyesh on Wed Sep 02, 2009 12:39 pm

Cheers for the kind words guys πŸ™‚ Last night I had a late one in the workshop getting the modified bumper fitted - NOT as straightforward as I thought it was going to be! :aaah:

Remember it's a S2 RST Radtec intercooler (that a friend donated for Β£0.00 :Q ) so fitting was never going to be straightforward on a MK3 Fez. It's over towards the nearside a tad so unfortunately is not central in the bumper aperature which is something I will just have to live with for now - I think the full-width Pro-alloy rad doesn't help matters! I'll just add a thin strip of aluminium behind the bumper to cover the gap.

Also, I need the black rubber strip that clips to the bottom of the bumper as mine's seen better days - anyone here got a spare they can sell me? πŸ˜•

02 FezModifiedBumper005

03 FezModifiedBumper005
Also the paint-match isn't brilliant but acceptable for now, being a DIY effort done in my garden shed! :oooh: When I've got the car running and roadworthy I'll direct funds back to the cosmetics.

Finally some absolute C*NT has hit the back of the car!!! 😑 😑 😑 I pushed it into the welder's garage to work on it last night and noticed that nasty gouge/dent on the tailgate and I felt my blood pressure go stratospheric! 😑 I don't think it's a malicious attack (i don't think I have any enemies at work! :oooh:) - It looks as if a metal stake or earth-spike has been allowed to fall against the car and slide down the tailgate - Yet more bodywork to pay for! :rolleyes: Sometimes it's a real bummer having a metallic car...

04 dent

05 dent

jimmyesh on Thu Sep 03, 2009 9:16 pm

Bit of an update - I managed to find some hard boost pipes in the scrappy today and bought them on the off chance they may be of some use to me. Much to my surprise they fit amazingly well, almost as if they were designed for my very own car! πŸ˜€ Just need to run a bead of weld around (the open join you can see in the pic) so that I have a continual "hard pipe" from the compressor all the way to the intercooler πŸ™‚

06 boost pipe

7 pipes

08 pipes
I managed to get a Focus clutch pipe from the same scrappy too as the Fiesta MK5 one I have in the car already does not fit the Focus MTX 75 hydraulic clutch cylinder (see pic below). The MK5 Fez one is at the top:

09 clutch pipe ib vs mtx
The problem is that I need half the MK5 Fez pipe from the clutch pedal and half the Focus pipe from the clutch cylinder! Luckily there's a place in Colchester that makes up custom hoses pretty cheaply so I'll be paying them a visit soon...

Been having ongoing issues trying to get a suitable aux drive belt and have now got one that fits - a 6pk 2175 (for anyone else that fancies doing the same conversion! :bonkers: )

10 d belt
As I previously mentioned, the Fiesta MK6 PAS reservoir that normally mounts directly on top of the PAS pump can't be fitted in my car due to it stopping the bonnet from closing πŸ™ I bought a Focus MK1 PAS reservoir (yes, from the scrappy! πŸ˜› ) today and this is going to be mounted where I'm holding it in the pic below:

11 pas bottle
Lastly I bought some "EV1" standard injector connectors for my Siemens injectors (same as normal Bosch type injectors) as the Yank duratec injectors have these weird connectors that don't fit the Siemens/Bosch injectors.

12 injector wiring plugs
The best bit is that all this (except the drive belt, that was also Β£15 from Partco) only cost Β£15! :Q

As you can see I'm still waiting for the Sytec Fuel filter - hopefully it'll be here tomorrow...

jimmyesh on Fri Sep 04, 2009 11:56 am

Managed to get the clutch pipe problem sorted today πŸ™‚

For just Β£7.00, Hosequip in Colchester chopped the two hoses and then joined the MK5 Fiesta master cylinder end to the Focus MK1 slave cylinder end.

13 new clutch pipe
Not the most enthralling of updates but let's face it - I'm going nowhere without it! :aaah:

jimmyesh on Sat Sep 19, 2009 10:30 am

Not f*cking happy!! 😑 😑 😑 😑 πŸ˜₯

Right, while I was at work (up in North Yorkshire) yesterday I checked my phone and found loads of missed calls followed by a picture message starting with "sorry mate..." :rolleyes:

Here it is below πŸ™

14 MyFezbeingwrecked
Meanwhile back in Colchester, the Commanding Officer was due to inspect the workshop so the Sgt Major wanted my car moving outside. My mate, Taff phoned my wife who works on camp to get the keys but that wasn't good enough for the Sgt Major. He went and ordered some complete mong with an IQ of about 2 to jack the front of my car up and man-handle it into a parking space outside on a trolley jack, uphill and on uneven ground! 😑 😑

Obviously the tiny jack-wheels dug in and the car wouldn't move, mong-boy then proceeded to ram his shoulder into the O/S wing, denting it in the process, knocking it off the jack and maybe causing untold damage to the underside of the car 😑 😑

I'm still working up in Catterick until Nov 26th so was 250 miles away and completely powerless to do anything! :rolleyes: I'm home now for the weekend though so am going in to look at the damage today, really dreading seeing what a state it's in...

I'm really hacked off as I left it in my own work-area for safe-keeping while I'm away up North and entrusted some good friends of mine in that dept to look after it, which they've tried their best to do. I wasn't expecting some complete bell-end from another dept who I don't even know to start man-handling my pride and joy and damaging it 😑 😑

jimmyesh on Sat Sep 19, 2009 7:05 pm

Here's what I saw today when I pulled the cover off 😑 😑

From what I've gleaned from the lads, the idiot tried LIFTING the front of the car by the O/S wing :rolleyes: 😑 😑 😑

I'm going to be in work a week Thursday and will be taking this moron to one side, demanding he pays for the damage or I will just walk up to his car with a sledge hammer...
15 MyFezbeingwrecked001

16 MyFezbeingwrecked003