The Build P15

jimmyesh on Wed Oct 21, 2009 10:18 pm

Hi everyone, I won't beat about the bush - I've been left with no option but to sell this car 🙁

Those that have been following this thread will know how much time, effort and money I've invested in this project and should hopefully understand how much this hurts having to let it go 🙁

Most people that have seen my previous posts on here know that I'm a serving soldier and as a result my postings, job descriptions etc can change at a moment's notice - basically as of next year I'm going to a very different job and will not be in the UK much at all. Therefore I wont have the storage facilities, time or working areas to finish this car.

If anyone is interested in buying it please PM me or email on

Thanks, Jim.

jimmyesh on Thu Oct 22, 2009 12:05 pm

Excursion wrote:
It seems a real shame; you're one of the few in this country who are giving something back, yet here you are giving up your pride and joy.

Cheers for the kind words mate - much appreciated.

If there was any way I could keep it and finish it in a realistic time-frame I would. I've already had it for nearly 2 years and can't bear the thought of it just going rusty on my drive or getting more knocks and dings in some lock-up whilst I'm away 🙁

I've had a couple of PM's asking rough prices and to tell the truth it's REALLY hard trying to value something yourself when your own time and effort cloud your judgement! :oooh:

Whilst I appreciate it's still unfinished, the hard work is all done and there's thousands of pounds gone into this car in the last 2 years.

Other than a couple of small dings the shell is in beautiful condition with no rot whatsoever - how many 17/18 year-old fiestas can you say that about? 😉

jimmyesh on Thu Oct 22, 2009 8:17 pm

FRSJON wrote:
good luck with the sale and im sure someone with a eye for a bargin will rip your arm off for it... 🙂

jayrs wrote:
i got a eye for a bargin, and im willing to rip both his arms, off, i just dont have the cash to back it up 😆 🙁

Ha, have you lot seen the size of my arms?! :bonkers:

It's on ebay now, let's see what happens... ... 2c5161c989

jimmyesh on Sun Oct 25, 2009 2:08 pm

FRSJON wrote:
i have a friend very interested... 🙂

I've had someone texting me from I.O.W mate and he seemed keen but he was having problems getting a trailer - haven't heard from him since yesterday...

muz wrote:
Come on then jim how many £1500 eBay offers have you had to far? 😆

More than I'd like! 😛

Project_XR2i_Trackcar wrote:

I can help with storage. Bloody cheap too.

I have my own workshop with plenty of room, facilities too if you get the chance to come back and tinker.

Located in the south; Andover, Hants to be precise.

Don't give up on it. Mine has been in the workshop under a cover for the last 4 years because of overseas postings.
Cheers mate, I'm bowled over with how much people want me to keep this motor but I really can't do it - Since we moved to a bigger house etc money's also tighter than it was and I pay a lot each month for my son from my previous marriage. That, along with my career direction next year just makes it non-viable to keep throwing money at that car and using what spare time I have left on that instead of with my family.

I really have agonised over this decision and feel gutted every time I look at the Ebay listing - sort of feel like I'm letting a lot of people down who followed my thread in a funny sort of way 🙁

Thanks again for the kind words, we'll have to meet up for a brew in Afghanistan again! 😀

jimmyesh on Sun Nov 01, 2009 1:51 pm

Tried to cancel the auction this morning but I was 1 minute too late - Can't end listing early once you hit the last 12 hours of the auction :rolleyes: Been and had a look at the car today, fitted the new clutch pipe and orange indicators and couldn't believe I considered selling it :oooh:

Some messages people have sent me on this forum and comments about the car in general have spurred me on to keep it and finish it. Thanks guys, you know who you are 😉

I have the option to store it now and am determined to finish it but Ebay won't even let me revise my listing, let alone end it - looks like it's selling whether I like it or not! :aaah: If there's any way I could remove that listing now I would, my own stupid fault :rolleyes:

jimmyesh on Mon Nov 02, 2009 4:10 pm

Yep the Fez is still mine, all mine! :Q

I was back in Colchester at the weekend and had to visit the workshop to weld a friend's bike trailer when I paid the Fez a visit, fitted the indicators, fitted the new clutch pipe, stood back, had a good look at it and knew then there was no way I could let it go! 😳

You just don't see these cars on the road anymore, especially clean, non-chavved ones and I really can't wait until the first time I fire this one into life :devil:

I've brought it such a long way since I rescued it as a £150 sh*tter on ebay nearly 2 years ago and, as I said to my wife, thousands have gone into this car - not to mention hours/days of graft.

Somehow I'll get this done - I've had my wobble on this, now it's time to crack on :aviator:

Thanks again for all the kind words and encouragement everyone - Hopefully me and the car may get to some shows at some point (If the Army aren't messing me around! :rolleyes: )