The Build P1

Quote: jimmyesh on Thu Oct 16, 2008 1:02 pm

We have progress!! :Q

Ancillaries all stripped from the engine and it's now mounted on the stand ready for stripdown and re-bore.

The other day I moved all my car parts for this project into a secure locker at work - This allowed me to sleep better at night as previously, they were all stashed in my rickety shed begging to be stolen! :aaah:

When I get some more "quiet time" at work I'll strip the engine down and get the block off to Cober Engineering in Colchester.

Quote: jimmyesh on Fri Oct 17, 2008 6:25 pm

Obviously yesterday's update wasn't interesting enough for you all! :rolleyes: 😆

Well here's what was achieved this morning... May be of interest for anyone who wishes to see the innards of the rather strange engine that is the Ford/Mazda Duratec 2.3 🙂

Pro Alloy full-width Rad & GRS Intercooler collected from DHL depot.

Engine Stripdown - Duratec has a cover over the timing chain which needs removing first.

See, cam chain NOT cam belt, bit different to the Zetec eh?

Cams need removing to enable head removal.

Cam Bearing-Caps all labelled using good old Army Issue Mine-Tape 😀

Oil Pump chain and pump need removing prior to block machining.

Ready for Head removal.

Head Removed

Here's the crank setup - note the balance-shaft mechanism that is specific to the 2.3 (due to its longer stroke) - Driven at 2 x Crank speed by a gear on the Crank (see pics) can be removed though and I may just do that as it's a heavy old thing! Just need to research a few yank forums and see how harsh the engine is without it...

The crank on the Duratec is carried high in the block in a cradle which incorporates all the main caps.

Crank with cradle removed.

Bare Block at last!

Off to Cober Precision Engineering, collecting it middle of next week all freshly bored to 88mm for me to rebuild :Q bloody light too, you can easily carry it with one hand! 😮