The Build P4

Quote: jimmyesh on Thu Nov 13, 2008 6:01 pm

Right, make yourselves comfortable because there's about 16 photos to get through here! :oooh:

Worked like a bloody Trojan today, even skipped lunch and my daily trip to the gym! :rolleyes:

First off I installed the cosworth head gasket:

Torqued the ARP head nuts to specified torque with ARP "moly lube":

Installed Cams and torqued caps up to correct torque:

Note these Duratec Cams have a hexagonal section to hold the camshaft with a spanner whilst tightening the pulleys - useful feature, can't remember if Zetecs have it? 😕

Installed Oil Pump:

New Oil Pump drive-chain & tensioner fitted:

New Camchain tensioner fitted - note the grenade-style pin that you have to pull out once fitted!

New Cam Chain & Guides fitted:

Once Cam sprockets torqued to spec, a bead of gasket was applied to the front cover, this was then fitted:

Thermostat (bet you never expected it to live on this part of the engine eh? 😕 ) and water pump outlet fitted:

Block Breather & Oil filter housing fitted. Standard "save the planet" Injectors removed:

Thought I'd go mental at this point and trial-fit my Cossie inlet manifold! :aviator: Note that the power steering pump, alternator, tensioner & Idler pulley are all fitted too.

The cam-cover is waiting for me to paint it (still can't decide on the colour - Moondust Silver, Gloss Black or Green to match the FRST Stripes and the boost/coolant hoses that I'm getting? 😕 ), for now it's just resting on the head at the moment to keep s**t out of the engine. The sump is with the metalsmith at work getting the oil returns welded on. Still waiting for my exhaust manifold from Pumaspeed...

Bye for now! 😀

Quote: jimmyesh on Fri Nov 14, 2008 6:55 pm

More pics 🙂

I fully cleaned then rubbed the manky cam cover down today and gave it a few coats of primer - Painting it Ford Modena Green tomorrow 😀

Modified Fuel Rail was painted gloss black - In addition to having -6 male fittings on each end it's also had the standard pressure regulator and pressure sender ports ground off and welded over as I'm using a Sytec adjustable regulator.
18 fuel rail glossed
Sump waiting for my mate at work to weld the oil returns on - should be done by tomorrow...

Couple of pics of the actual car! :Q My RS2000 rims are still round a mate's house in Kent, I'm keeping these nasty rims and chunky 195/50 tyres on it whilst it's being worked on.

Today I also measured the total width from cv joint-end to cv joint-end with Focus driveshafts fitted into the mtx75 'box - I made it 1570mm whereas the the Fiesta measurements were 1480mm - this pretty much matches the dimensions that I used when building "The Manj". Although the Focus driveshafts are supposed to be "equal", one is actually about 30mm longer than the other, last time I fitted the shorter one where the longer one was originally fitted, then had the longer one shortened by around 90mm and fitted on the passenger (near side) side. I'll be getting Cober Precision Engineering, Colchester, to sort me a shortened 'shaft soon.