The Build P2

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paulgrs2 wrote:
Well done Jim on another stunning project, you sure your not a VM lol.
Just to get things straight in my head, is the bolt patten for the duratec (proper) different to the zetec/I4 etc as there seems to be alot of differant opinion on different websites, basically will a mtx75 gearbox (my only option due to needing 4x4) bolt on?

What boost you planning on running with a 9:1 compression ratio, surely running this high you have limited it to not alot huh? But there again I suppose you need to keep the power sensible to keep control of the torque steer.

How come your going Omex management? ๐Ÿ™‚
Hi and welcome to Paul! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜› You can use any MTX75 'Box so long as you have the bellhousing from a Duratec (1.8 or 2.0) Mondeo MK3 (2001>) or one of the MK2 Focus that came with the Duratec once it replaced the Black-Top Zetec. Basically the bolt pattern on the end of this engine is a Mazda one (as this is where these engines originate) therefore it breaks the Ford tradition of using the same bolt-pattern for decades (as does the Volvo-Lumped Focus ST).

The gearbox itself will be pretty much identical right from a MK5 Escort XR3i 130 up to a late Mondeo, It's only the bellhousing that has changed to adapt it to the Duratec and therefore you can just unbolt your Escort bellhousing and bolt up the Mondeo one ๐Ÿ™‚

That's also why the Duratec is so good for RWD customers as it is used in the MAZDA MX5 which has 6 speed transmission in RWD layout, might have to consider that for a project one day! :devil:

Oh, gaskets arrived today :Q Just waiting on ARP Head & Main studs now :aviator:

As for the compression ratio - quite a number of cars are running over 9.0:1 now (see Nick's [one of the editors] S2 Escort Turbo in Performance Ford Mag) as modern management and strong engine components, combined with not going too spastic on Turbo size creates a powerful, responsive and torquey engine that isn't lazy off-boost like some low-comp ones can be.

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paulgrs2 wrote:
oooooooooo i see, thats ok so long as the mondy mk3 bellhousing bolts to the mtx75 box casing (I presume there the same bolt patten). If this is the case I can feel a post herrick 2009 engine build myself coming on lol as the duratec has got to be a better option, power to weight, than this 4 man lift I4 lump I currently run.
Yeah definitely mate - the old I-4 RS2000 lump is a solid, dependable old beast but you'll save a hell of a lot of weight by swapping to a Duratec - They also make silly levels of N/A power easily 2.0 Variants make 200BHP without breaking into a sweat and some 2.0's make 300BHP N/Asp on 'bodies. 2.3's are up to 340bhp Normally-Aspirated by some tuners ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
Here's a quick pic of the standard Duratec Pistons & Rods VS my new uprated lower-comp items - My Eagle rods look positively obese next to the svelte Duratec items (although the standard Duratec items look good and almost race-like they're well known as being rather weak, the same goes for the standard "slipper" pistons.

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I collected my block from Cober Precision Engineering in Colchester today, freshly bored & honed to 88mm and now awaiting reassembly :Q

There is a spanner chucked firmly in the works though - in the form of my ARP Head & Main studs which I ordered from America (significantly cheaper). The guy I ordered them from didn't have them in stock so I'm still waiting for them and also my Pumaspeed Fez ST Turbo exhaust manifold...

On the plus side, I have prepared my fuel rail for fuel-return operation (to make it more of a a straightforward fit into my Olde-Worlde Fiesta) and is having -6 male fittings welded onto each end to allow me to use some nice Aeroquip hoses :aviator: . This is now in the capable hands of a mate at work who is far neater at welding than me!

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At last, the car is collected!! ๐Ÿ˜€ :Q

I hired a car trailer for just ยฃ40 from Wesbroom Engineering in Colchester and borrowed a mate's Transit then completed the epic 250-mile round-trip from Colchester to Arborfield (nr Reading). It was a boring, slow old slog but every time I saw the silver Fez in the mirror it cheered me up no-end ๐Ÿ™‚

The existing running gear is all being removed in work tomorrow for the guy who bought it on ebay to collect and I'm pleased to announce that I now have all the parts to reassemble the engine - the ARP main & head studs arrived today from the states.

Will be assembling it during the days next week on leave, while Mrs Esh is back at work and Mini-Esh is at the childminders.

Whilst trying to buff the "Caterham" writing from my inlet plenum I found that they were bonded on rather than cast as part of the manifold - no worries though as it made things easier for me - I carefully re-bonded the "Power By Cosworth" writing in a more central position where the Caterham writing was...

Stand by for some more photos of the actual car (when I remember to take my camera to work :rolleyes: ) and the engine rebuild.