The Build P5

Quote: jimmyesh on Sat Nov 15, 2008 7:09 pm

Another day, another update! :Q

Today I sprayed the Cam Cover Ford Modena Green - goes very well with the FRST Green trim 🙂

I removed the MK3 Hubs and replaced them with MK3.5 ones, look at the difference between them below - Mk3 are on the right, notice the smaller splined hole?

I also fitted the MK3.5 front suspension, just standard Si shocks with lowered springs to see the project through - I'll put some decent suspension/brakes on once it's running...

Pitiful state of an engine bay! :aaah: Don't worry it will be immaculate before the powertrain is installed 😉

I removed the standard manual steering rack and replaced it with the MK3.5 Si power steering rack and steering column, not as straightforward as you may think - the hole in the bulkhead where the column mates up with the rack needs enlarging slighty to allow the power steering column to exit properly.

Pics of power steering vs manual steering components below (PAS parts at the bottom of the pic):

PAS rack fitted:

I also removed the MK3 pedal assembly in order that I could compare it to the MK4 item I have ready to fit with Hydraulic clutch pedal system. As you can see, the bolt patterns are a bit different! :oooh: It's not all bad though as the part that's protruding from the top of the new pedal box with the 2 bolt holes was only bolted to the pedal box - once removed it left two holes in exactly the same location as the MK3 one! :Q Just got to do some careful measuring & Mig welding on the other face to put the other 4 bolt holes in the same place as the MK3 one and also make a hole in the bulkhead for the Hydraulic clutch inlet & outlet.

That's all for now everyone - It'll be a few days before I get on with it again as I have lots of home DIY that Mrs Esh is badgering me about! :rolleyes: 😆

Quote: jimmyesh on Sun Nov 16, 2008 1:00 pm

Couple more pics of my engine - cam cover re-fitted. I think it looks pretty damn nice in Ford Modena green 😀

Quote: jimmyesh on Thu Nov 20, 2008 7:34 pm

Had a busy and productive day today - Did a bit of cutting, welding and drilling and now have the MK4/MK5 hydraulic clutch pedal box all fitted :Q

Firstly I elongated the two holes on the top of the pedal box to make them the same as those on the MK3 pedals - I know it's not mega neat but hey it's gonna be out of sight!

As you can see from the pic, as standard the front mounting holes on the MK4/MK5 pedal box are in completely the wrong place - the mounting plate is also too wide for the MK3.

A couple of seconds with an angle grinder rectified this 😀

Next, a 2mm thick piece of mild steel was measured and cut to size on this nice electric guillotine...

...and offered up to the pedal box.

This was then MIG welded to the pedal box ( I know, must get neater! :aaah: )


Using a cardboard template which I mocked up on the rear of the pedal box I then marked out the required area that needed to be removed for the hydraulic inlet/outlet connections - (Looks a bit like a kid's drawing of a 'conquering device' and balls don't you think?! 😆 😛 )

After an outline of 4mm holes was drilled around the shape it was then punched out and the edges de-burred and filed smooth.

View from inside:

Pedal box now bolted in place and everything lines up! 😀 :Q The edges were dressed in using a hammer and drift. They will also be rust-proofed and the whole engine bay is being re-sprayed so it should look good once done.

The MK4/MK5 fiesta pedal box hydraulic inlet/outlet area has a foam surround that seals against the bulkhead as the bolts are tightened, should anyone be wondering what the grey stuff around the black pipes is...

Just need to cut the hole for the brake linkage bar now and re-fit the steering column (again! :rolleyes: )

That's all for now 😉