The Build P12

jimmyesh on Wed Feb 25, 2009 6:01 pm

At long last - the inlet plenum is finished! 😀 Here's a pic of how the underside looks, (busy!!) :oooh:

As you can see, all the unsightly stuff is tucked out the way so that it's all clean and simple from the top.

Bonnet still closes, even with the throttle body and cable fitted (thank fcuk! :oooh: )

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have seen that the Escort MK5 servo & master cylinder are now fitted too 🙂
Originally, the RS2000 MK5 servo came with this 2-outlet master cylinder, useable but a pain in the arse due to the fact T-pieces would need making...

On Ebay I managed to win a MK5 "4-outlet" master cylinder for £5.00! :Q Here it is fitted to the RS2000 Servo (the rear part of the cylinders are identical).

Here it is fitted to the car.

Some of you will have noticed that I've started to fit the intercooler, it's a Radtec S2 Escort item that a friend in the Army gave to me in return for a couple of beers! :oooh:

Mick and I modified the pipe outlet positions and angles slightly to allow it to miss the Fiesta front crossmember and get is as central as possible. I've already removed whatever metal I needed from the front panel (that was bloody new as well! :rolleyes: ) just need to knock up a couple of brackets then get the bumper sorted. It's postioned so that the top of the intercooler sits just below the top edge of the bumper (doesn't protrude through) but I am going to enlarge the hole above the numberplate downwards and move the numberplate down to the bottom (as per Heeman10's car), cheers for the inspiration James! 😉

Any advice/photos of how to enlarge the hole in the front bumper much appreciated, Jim.

jimmyesh on Wed Feb 25, 2009 10:00 pm


LeePFRST wrote:
looking good mate. how much longer till she's on the road?

Ha, everyone at work keeps asking me that as well! 😆 😛

The bare facts are that I still need:

ECU (Omex or Gotech, not 100% decided yet...)
Mapping (Engine Advantages if Omex as only 15 miles from me, Jamsport if Gotech)
Fuel Pump
Fuel Hoses
Fuel Pressure Regulator
630cc Injectors (should have these by next week)
Coolant hoses
Boost Hoses & Hard Pipes
MAP sensor
Focus ECU (to drive my FRS clocks)
Speedo Healer ( frequency modifier - to get FRS clocks/ECU reading correctly with my piddly 15" rims!)
Exhaust downpipe (& modify existing full Mongoose system)
Heat coverings/matting(for vulnerable areas/items in bulkhead are)

As you can see there's a lot of money still needing to be spent! :aaah: 😥 The list above is by no means exhaustive but other than that it's just time spent making sure all wiring and pipe runs are safe and can withstand the heat/pressures/vibrations that they will be subject to.

After one sale fell through, we've just sold our house and are moving to a bigger one near by. As a result this month we've had to pay loads of greedy solictors etc so until our mortgage money goes in we can't afford to be splashing out on the car just yet! :rolleyes:

To top things off I've just found out that, as of late March I'm being detatched to North Yorkshire (Catterick) until late November, so the Fez may end up mothballed for a few months :rolleyes: Hopefully in my leave periods I can get her finished :rolleyes:

jimmyesh on Mon Mar 02, 2009 5:55 pm

Hi everyone, still chipping away at the more trivial (but still essential :oooh: ) parts that need doing.

Yesterday I finished the mounts for the modified S2 Escort Radtec intecrcooler and that is now fitted 🙂 The top of the intercooler now sits just below the top of the bumper so it will not be protruding into the radiator aperature, just need to get myself an air-saw and begin cutting my bumper "numberplate" area out before shaping some fibreglass/plastic filler in place - hope it all works out :aaah: Cheers for the advice, those of you that replied to my thread asking for help! 😉

In my lunch hour today I sorted the throttle cable bracket, with a friend pressing the loud pedal I checked it moves through its full range and shuts fully, as you can see it's now fitted 🙂

Started fitting some of the Mongoose FRST system too, the pic shows the rear part and centre section are dangling down pathetically at the moment! :rolleyes: 😛 I dummy-fitted it all with the front section as well just to gauge how much i need to remove from the front section (the Duratec exhaust is on the back of the engine unlike CVH/Zetec lumps where it is at the front). It's looking like around 400mm needs removing but I'll do a lot more measuring/fitting just to get it perfect, then it's going to be assembled by my mate Mick 🙂

I've ordered a Garrett GT28 5-Bolt stainless exhaust flange plate, a lamda boss and some 2.5" stainless pipe bends etc so we will be making up a new downpipe in-house before making it fit the Mongoose system as soon as it all arrives...

Also ordered a load of black silicone universal bends, reducers, joiners, ect for making up the coolant hoses - should be here in the next couple of days hopefully.

Bye for now! 😉

jimmyesh on Sat Mar 07, 2009 11:04 am

Had an epic afternoon/night of working on the Car yesterday.

After nipping home at lunch I was happy to find a nice Japanese Flange on my door mat! 😛

Seriously, it was a stainless Garrett GT28 5-bolt exhaust discharge flange that I had ordered on Ebay from Japan. I also had some 90 & 45 degree 2.5" exhaust bends at work, along with a stainless Lambda boss. Together with the FRST Mongoose downpipe/front section I had to get it to fit the rest of the car! :aaah:

By about midnight the car had a full exhaust system from the engine all the way to the tailpipe :Q The centre section and back box are normal FRST Mongoose items with the 3.5" inward-rolled tailpipe. The front section and downpipe have been extensively modified to fit my back-to-front engine. The downpipe has also been fully wrapped with exhaust heat-wrap but I still need to protect all the vulnerable areas of the bulkhead with aluminised matting/tape (£££ :rolleyes: ).

Silicone hoses have been arriving daily so I'm slowly getting the coolant & boost plumbing done 🙂

I'll take my camera into work next time 😉

jimmyesh on Sun Mar 08, 2009 4:13 pm

Here's the pics that I should have taken on Friday! 🙂 I know it's not the prettiest pipe ever but I had to do it all myself as my skilled welder friend was away 🙁 I know I could have just towed it somewhere and given someone a fat wedge of cash for the priveledge but that's not what this car is about 😉


jimmyesh on Mon Mar 23, 2009 5:01 pm

Went into work today to tidy away my stuff (mostly bits of car! 😀 ) before I move to North Yorkshire for 8 months 🙁

While I was there I couldn't resist fitting the Focus RS clocks as they've been sat in my drawer for god knows how long :rolleyes:

15 cluster

16 cluster

17 cluster
I think they look none too shabby myself :Q Just got the epic wiring marathon to do now to get them all up and running :oooh:

Other than that my poor Silver MK3 is just going to be mothballed in the workshop in Colchester while I'm away 😥 Looks like my plans for getting it ready for show season are out the window - Perks of being in the Army I guess! :rolleyes:

As I'm going to need some form of transport for the weekly slog up and down the A1 I've paid Glen on this forum a visit to see the MK3 1.8 Diesel RS/XR2i replica he's selling and after taking it for a spin I've decided to buy it to use while I'm working up North 🙂 I did view a few other motors on ebay but his was better than them all and I have had enough of greedy sh*ts on ebay either shill bidding on their own gear or pulling listings right near the end! 😡

Glen's motor's just the job, should manage 50mpg and still has a retro-cool charm about it, been rolling roaded at 56bhp too! 😮 - I'll do a TDDI conversion on it once I've finished the Silver Monster :bonkers: