The Gathering P4

Quote: jimmyesh on Wed Oct 08, 2008 2:47 pm

Project_XR2i_Trackcar wrote:
Welcome back Jim

Doesn't seem like a few days ago we were sipping coffee in Bastion. Have you spent your op bonus yet?
Hi Chris, cheers mate. Yeah spent some of it - see this thread to see where it went! :Q

Was good meeting up in Afghan - I'll bet that it's the first time there's ever been a FT.Com gathering (well, 2 of us anyway) in Afghanistan! 😆

Today's visit to G & L Autospares yielded the following (For just £30!! :aviator: ):

Fiesta MK3.5 Si steering column.

Fiesta MK3.5 Si Power steeing Rack and track rods.

Fiesta MK3.5 Si Power steering pipework

Fiesta MK5 Zetec S Power steering L/P pipework with cooler.

Mondeo MK3 2.0 Duratec Power Steering H/P pipework (will be taken to hose specialist and a hybrid pipe made with the pump-end of this one and the rack-end of the Fez Si hose)

Mondeo MK3 2.0 Duratec Fuel Rail Inlet pipe.

Mondeo MK3 2.0 Duratec Alternator/Starter Motor wiring.

Mondeo mk3 2.0 Duratec bolts for engine/bellhousing, alternator, starter motor, P/steeing pump.

Mondeo mk3 2.0 Duratec Vehicle Speed Sensor.

Although these bits were dirt-cheap, removing the steering rack from a ground-mounted Fiesta Si that still had the engine fitted was "sporting" to say the least! :aaah: Needless to say I was there for a fair old while today and left in a knackered state! 😆

Quote: jimmyesh on Wed Oct 08, 2008 8:07 pm

White2i wrote:
u nearly got all the bits you need yet?

Yeah not far off - got enough to get everything "thrown in the hole" so to speak. Gonna crack on with making everything fit / weld engine/trans mounting points etc once I collect the car and engine. That'll buy me some time to save a bit for fuel system components, Omex 710 or 600, Samco hoses, exhaust system and Quaife ATB diff.
If anyone wants an XR2i CVH EFi Engine (runs quietly but could do with a freshen-up), XR2i 'Box complete with driveshafts and linkage etc, full XR2i CHV loom & ECU, all mounts and a Scorpion Exhaust tail with standard centre-section. Just give me a shout - I'm putting it all on ebay soon anyway 😉

Quote: jimmyesh on Fri Oct 10, 2008 5:20 pm

Got a nice surprise in the post today.... A Turbo! 😀 Garrett GT28R Ball-Bearing to be precise, should be just what my car needs for a nice bit of poke but (hopefully) next to no lag - 2.3 Litres & 9:1 Comp should see to that! :devil:

Wasn't brand-new but has hardly been used either, as the seller was upgrading to something that would give him 400+BHP. There is no play in the shaft and everything looks spot-on so hopefully it'll produce the goods.

Here's a pic of my manifold that I've ordered from Pumaspeed (still waiting for it...), not cheap but is a good quality cast item that is also pretty compact. Although it doesn't have equal-length header it should still more than suffice for my power needs (people have extracted silly power on RST's using the standard manifold which is of a similar design to this 🙂 )

Also took a bimble to Colchester Machine Mart today and purchased the obligatory £38 engine stand. 🙂