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Welcome to the story of the 2.3 Duratec Turbo, Moondust Silver, Fiesta Mk3.

I currently own the car (as of January 2012) and it is a bit of a on going project for me. It was built by Jimmy Eshelby, a guy i believe to work in the army as mechanical engineer, he is a father and a husband.

Since ive had it its spent most of its time sitting in my works car park, looking very out of place! (I work in a garage on front desk, we service and repair german cars so mainly VAG, BMW, Porsche, Merc). I know it needs a little bit of work to get it finished 100% and as i add the story you will see that things are not allways as straight forward as you would like. There is a empty gap in the time line, where Jimmy sold it, unknown things happened possibly, then it was sold to a Lee, who done a few bits on it, then i step in.

I have owned and built various Mk3's: 1.1's, autos, ghias, 2.0 16V blacktop Si, Xr2i, + more! This is my first turbo one and this one has had quite a life!

This is a collaboration of the whole story from start to finish. I hope you will find it interesting, hope you will learn something from it. There will be alot of reading, pics and info.

All pics are copyright to the person that took them, mainly Jimmy! Many thanks too him for letting me use his images and text!

Im going to be adding slowly to the story so please be patient.

This is the car at present (April 2012) on my driveway.

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