The Build P10

Quote: on Sat Jan 03, 2009 4:14 pm

The battery is now residing in the boot - here's a couple of pics of how I went about it...

I used a Mini centre exhaust mount as a remote "live" terminal to hook up all the usual live connections to where the battery would normally live.

The wire back to the battery in the boot goes into the bulkead via this grommet, then under the interior sill trims all held in place by the plastic cable clips already put in place by Ford.

Here's my battery box that I made yesterday - I'm a tight bugger and won't pay £20 0r £30 for one when mine cost £0.00! 😆 It's bolted to the boot floor, the holes are painted and sealed.

Waiting for the big-ass ANL fuse holder that's coming in the post (hence the + wire being left doing nothing in the pic). I have a 300A ANL fuse going in there to safeguard against potential shorts/fires :oooh: May fit a cut-off switch at some point too...
Not exactly the most earth-shattering of updates but is still a step forward nonetheless 🙂 Should have some more significant updates this week, bye for now 😉

Quote: jimmyesh on Mon Jan 05, 2009 5:52 pm

Bit of an update 🙂 I spent a couple of hours in a snow-covered scrap yard today freezing my nads off tring to remove the rear gearbox mounting bracket and mount from a MK3 Mondeo 2.0 Duratec, It was made all the more difficult with ice and muddy slush everywhere, the fact the car was ground-mounted with no wheels on and my pink, frozen mong-hands not working properly! 😆 :rolleyes:

Here's the rear mount and the block bracket:

Also managed to acquire a crank sensor as mine was broken.

Finally got back into the workshop and knocked up some turbo coolant pipes using some spare power steering pipe and some M14/1.5 Banjos, taking care not to get them in the way of where the oil lines will go (still waiting for them to arrive) and also the actuator.

Rear view.

I'll hopefully be putting the engine & 'box in the car in the next couple of days, although the finish line is still a long way off! :aaah:

Quote: jimmyesh on Tue Jan 06, 2009 9:44 am

Captain Tightpants wrote:
Not sure if you know or not, but that sensor gap has to be pretty exact. They cause all sorts of bloody trouble if fitted even slightly out. When new they even come with a little gap jig. A couple of minutes now can save a good old headache later! 🙂

Good progress mate. Love it.

Cheers Steve, I'll check it out mate 😉 There doesn't seem to be a great deal of room for any adjustment though, it's just two bolts - I haven't looked at whether the holes are elongated yet 😕


Been looking more into what engine management to use as well. After originally considering the Omex710 (£900 + Loom so best part of £1k :rolleyes: ) I looked on Jamsport's site and noticed that the Gotech Pro-X system has all the features of the Omex (i.e can drive all 4 of my coils etc) for about half the price! :Q

After a quick email conflab, they even said they'd install a base map (for £100) onto the unit suitable for my engine spec so that I can get it started in my workshop at the end of the build, then if I trailer it up to them they will discount it from the final mapping price - Top blokes! :aviator:

Quote: jimmyesh on Wed Jan 07, 2009 12:15 pm

No you're not seeing things - that's a 2.3 Duratec-HE Turbo in a 1992 MK3 Fiesta :Q

Had a mad moment last night and after my wife & daughter went to bed, I cracked on through the night to get this lot done 🙂

Doesn't even sit any lower than when the CVH was in there! :aviator:

Bonnet still shuts (was having horrible thoughts that it wouldnt! :aaah: ) need to still adjust it to sit straight yet...

Rear gearbox mount fitted.

Lined up on the lower crossmember.

A jiffy with the MIG later...

You can see more clearly here why I needed to modify the front panel to clear the oil filter housing! :oooh:

There's no chance of it touching - the photos don't quite illustrate how much room there actually is, plus the way these engines mount, they can't lunge fore/aft like the CVH's used to - knocking chunks out of the rad/bonnet! :rolleyes: 😆

Starter motor fitted.

As you can see, the actuator bracket needs some trimming! :aaah: There's plenty of room to "contour" its shape around the brake linkage bar so that the two never meet.

When the power steering pump was re-fitted, it became apparent that I need to use a remote reservoir though as the pump-mounted Fiesa ST item is just too tall for my diminutive MK3!

Obviously it's fingers-crossed time for the inlet plenum - I'll see whether it takes weld next week if I can when my mate who's good a TIG is back.

The updates won't be so thick and fast now as my leave is coming to an end and we have loads of typical Army bullsh*t to look forward to over the coming weeks :rolleyes: I've been on leave so long, I'd almost forgot I actually had a job! 😆